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Howard Menikoff, MD and Jenny Shliozberg, MD are allergy and asthma specialists. They treat adult and pediatric patients for allergies, asthma and other illnesses—amongst other things.

Howard Menikoff, MD

Born and educated in New York, did graduate medical training in Paris, France and ​NYC and then an Allergy/Immunology Fellowship at Downstate Medical Center. He has had a private practice in Greenwich Village for 25 years where at various times has been the director of allergy clinics at Beth Israel Medical Center and the former St. Vincents’ Hospital and Medical Center.

Dr. Menikoff has a faculty appointment to Mount Sinai School of Medicine and is a member of various Allergy/Immunology Societies Professional interests are asthma, nasal/sinus disorders, animal dander allergies.

Jenny Shliozberg, MD

Born in St. Petersburg, Russia did her medical graduate training in NYC and herAllergy/Immunology Fellowship at Albert Einstein College of Medicine where she remains as an Associate Professor, teaching the Einstein medical students, the Montefiore interns and residents, and most significantly trains the  Fellows chosen each year to become an Allergist Immunologist. As part of her academic responsibilities, Dr. Shliozberg is also the director of the Allergy Clinic in the Childrens Hospital at Montefiore Medical Center as well ​as the Immunology Clinic.

A member of local, national and international Allergy and Immunology Societies, she has numerous publications and has been a speaker, both nationally and internationally, on various Allergy/Immunology subjects. Her professional interests are food allergy, skin diseases and immunologic disorders.


Howard Menikoff, MD & Jenny Shliozberg, MD

New York: 212.473.7892

Brooklyn: 718.338.1313

The Hamptons: 631.998.4054

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The Village Allergy Asthm Immunology Centre
The Village Allergy Asthm Immunology Centre
The Village Allergy Asthm Immunology Centre