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I no longer suffer seasonal allergies and my allergy to our cats was eliminated. Dr. Menikoff returns calls expeditiously is knowledgeable, friendly and curious, he spares no effort to find the best options for optimal treatment, is prompt with appointment times and takes his time when he sees you. The staff is friendly, warm and responsive and return telephone calls promptly.

–Dr. L Schein

Dr. Menikoff’s promptness and courteous staff makes it a pleasure to go to an appointment. I would definitely refer Dr. Menikoff to my friends and family. He's ​an excellent doctor and very well experienced in his field. The office is well located and I have been seeing Dr. Menikoff for 22 years. I would never ​consider changing doctors.

–Roy S.

I can definitely breathe better and be around my cat. I love Dr. Menikoff (and Judy), they are both always so kind and generous. He always puts a smile on my face and helps my allergies.

–Leah U.

I have less cold symptoms, thereby my sleep has improved. I also experience less URI's. Scheduling is easy an prompt. I always receive my flu shot on time. My quality ​of life has improved thanks to him.

– Sandra B

I have had less sinus infections since starting treatments with Dr. Menikoff. I like his office space and everyone is always friendly and warm.

– Laura B

I suffer with severe spring pollen allergies. I was not able to open my eyes or function during allergy season before I started my allergy shots. I'm always seen in a timely fashion and always welcomed with a warm smile. He is a brilliant physician!

– Brittany S

The treatments as well as the practical advice that Dr. Menikoff has provided on how to live with my allergies has improved my life immensely. I had seen multiple doctors and dermatologists before getting referred to Dr. Menikoff, he is now the first one I trust. I was referred by a friend who brought her toddler to Dr. Menikoff and I would definitely refer him to my friends. He has a way of explaining what needs to be done and why. His depth of knowledge and easy-going manner are hard to find in today's overcrowded waiting rooms.

– Ornette C

I suffer with severe spring pollen allergies. I was not able to open my eyes or function during allergy season before I started my allergy shots. I'm always seen in a timely fashion and always welcomed with a warm smile. He is a brilliant physician!

– Brittany S

The treatments have very much improved my life. I am able to have a normal life now. The doctor is always on time and treats you with respect and care. The staff and doctor provide a welcoming atmosphere. Dr. Menikoff is very competent in his field. One of the greatest blessings God can give us, is the gift of someone who cares.

– Sister Maria Theresa

The treatments have been helpful. While I am still affected, I can function during allergy season and the symptoms are far less severe. His office is friendly and have flexible hours and accepts many different insurance plans.

– Mark A

Before injections, I had frequent painful headaches and was taking a constant stream of meds, now I get a shot once a month and am almost entirely symptom free. The office is quick, convenient and the staff is great. I've been coming here for 13 years and love chatting with Dr. Menikoff. He is very knowledgeable, well respected in the field and always has a smile and likes to chat.

– Karen S

The treatments have significantly helped me.  No more sneezing or allergy symptoms and I was finally able to get a dog.  The visits are always quick and have great results.  He is someone I would refer to my family and friends.

– Greg S

My seasonal allergies greatly improved with the shots.  He is very flexible with his appointments and has evening hours.  I would refer him to other as he has helped me lessen my allergies.

– Shira

Dr. Menikoffs office is clean and the atmosphere is welcoming, the secretary is very sweet and helpful. It has been easier for me to breathe and participate inmore activities and Dr. Menikoff is friendly and has a genuine relationship with his patients.

– Ewa S

I am grateful Dr. Menikoff talked to me about getting allergy shots. I never would have realized how much my quality of life was really being ruined by allergies.

– Frank D

Dr. Menikoff is thoughtful, knowledgeable and detail oriented. He is very ​experienced and has developed a technique which makes shots painless (a great fear for many allergy sufferers). I look forward to my visits.

– Alexander P

I am no longer a slave to my allergies. These shots have improved my quality of life tremendously.  My sleep and ability to exercise have improved dramatically.

   – Charles C

Dr. Menikoff is very knowledgeable in his field.  He is easy to talk with and has respect for his patients.  The office atmosphere is very friendly. Judy, the secretary is warm and open.

– Karen S

Dr. Menikoff has made it very easy and convenient to continue with my allergy

shot routine for over 20 years. I have been very happy with his service.

– Norman S

I believe he is a great doctor. He is truly caring and wants what is best for you.

– Cinthia R

In all the years I have been taking shots, I believe Dr. Menikoff has been the one who has helped me the most. He cares enough to find the right treatments and is always available if I need to call and speak to him.

– David R

I am feeling a lot better since starting my treatments withDr. Menikoff. My nose was always stuffed up and I was very uncomfortable. I like the way I’m treated by Judy and Dr. Menikoff and it would be nice if more offices were as courteous and caring. I am treated with respect and loving care.

– Wambui K

During my life from childhood I have suffered extensively from either a runny nose or stuffy nose. This has been reduced by more than half. I have been seeing Dr. Menikoff for about 15 year’s; the staff is wonderful and welcoming. His services have added substantial quality of life compared to the misery I had felt through most of my life prior to receiving allergy shots. The relationship has been wonderful.

 – Ken S

Finally, I can spend more time outside and my eyes don’t tear and my nose doesn’t run. I don’t feel like I have a cold all the time and my animals no longer bother me. He and his staff are pleasant and very helpful and he has long hours and is always available. Dr. Menikoff is the most caring person I know. There has never been a time when I called him that he either answers himself or quickly calls back. He is truly a very good doctor and person.

– Lorraine R

Dr. Menikoff’s treatments have effectively controlled my asthma, but I really appreciate his connection with his patients, giving generously of his time and support. I have referred both family and friends because of theeffectiveness of the treatment and Dr. Menikoff’s rapport with patients.

– Robert F

I am allergic to dust and working in the construction field was nearly impossible before being treated by Dr. Menikoff. His office being centrally located in the city and the extremely helpful staff helps a lot. Dr. Menikoff takes time to explain about your allergies and all options available to you. I have been a patient for 18 years and have relied on the convenient schedule and quick office time visits.

– Peter D


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